"Claire has been a real asset to our school CPD programme. Her way of working has inspired teachers to consider elements of their practice that for too long has been left to chance, to the idea that you have either ‘got it’ or ‘not got it’:  classroom persona. This resulted in  a significant rise in teacherly confidence, a developed sense of assurance that they ‘own the space’ of the stage that is their classrooms – this of course helps to ensure that pupils make the progress they should. And, because of this impact on the pupils, I would not hesitate to ask Claire to support staff again in the future. All-in-all – very good value for money!"

Carin Messent
Assistant Headteacher
The Carlton Academy, Nottingham

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Developing Presence in the Classroom


"All the world’s a stage … knowing 

 how to perform the right character

ensures success?"

The key to Claire’s success, is that her work has effective, rapid and measurable impact. She challenges the widely held belief  that good teachers are born, that they have either ‘got it or have not’.  It recognises that presence is a key factor in the day to day success in the classroom and that not all of us are naturally aware of how to create it. She disseminates how we all, as teachers and support staff, need to be actors to play our role inside and outside of the classroom. If we are to engage with and to control our audience in order to improve attainment we must consider  the professional characteristics of a 'good' teacher and how to identify and 'become' that role.  How many times have we heard the well meant, but in practical terms, unworkable comments?

‘You need to own your classroom’
‘You just need a bit more presence’
‘You need to project your voice more’
‘Show them you are in control’

The nature of Claire’s work is to effectively address these seemingly obvious issues , empowering staff to develop a personal portfolio of appropriate and effective skills and techniques to improve delivery in the classroom.
Claire has worked successfully across a wide variety of client groups in many different capacities. Projects have ranged from schools in special measures adopting a ‘whole school ethos’ of behaviour management , NQTs, experienced teachers, ASTs and coaching teams as well as projects in special schools and PRUs.  The nature of Claire’s work supports staff, in a variety of capacities, to embed the CPD principles within their own framework of staff training to promote sustainability.

All of Claire’s work is based upon the principles of coaching where questioning and reflection leads to rapid and sustained improvement.