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Carlton Academy

"Claire has been a real asset to our school CPD programme. Her way of working has inspired teachers to consider elements of their practice that for too long has been left to chance, to the idea that you have either ‘got it’ or ‘not got it’:  classroom persona. Claire has worked with the whole staff and delivered relevant and interesting ‘food for thought’ for a wide and varied audience, from NQTs to experienced teachers. Her audience has also ranged from outstanding classroom practitioners to those who need support; she has added value on every level. Her methodology has been picked up and used by the school coaching team and, indeed, Claire has had an input with this team so that they can continue where she left off. Perhaps her best work, however, has been supporting individual members of staff: working with them in their classrooms as they teach, providing feedback as lessons progress and then following that up in further mentoring sessions. Later observation has clearly demonstrated the progress staff made quickly – a rise in teacherly confidence, a developed sense of assurance that they ‘own the space’ of the stage that is their classrooms – this of course helps to ensure that pupils make the progress they should. And, because of this impact on the pupils, I would not hesitate to ask Claire to support staff again in the future. All-in-all – very good value for money!"

Carin Messent
Assistant Headteacher